Highlands and Coastal Papua New Guinea Travel Package

11 Days Mount Hagen, Port Moresby and Tufi with Flights

Highlights & Inclusions:

  • 11 Days/ 9 Nights, Papua New Guinea
  • International Flights: Los Angeles to Mount Hagen via Brisbane and Port Moresby, Port Moresby to Los Angeles via Brisbane
  • Accommodation: Mount Hagen (3 Nights), Port Moresby (1), Tufi (4), Port Moresby (1)
  • Meals: 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches & 7 Dinners
  • Safely Guided Day Tours:
    • Mount Hagen: Cultural Tours to Meet the Melpa People and Huli Wigmen
    • Tufi: Bird Watching, Kofure Village Tour
  • Papua New Guinea Domestic Flights: Mount Hagen to Port Moresby, Port Moresby to Tufi
  • Shuttle Transfers: Mount Hagen Airport to Accommodation (Return), Port Moresby Airport to Accommodation (Return), Tufi Airport to Accommodation (Return), Port Moresby Airport to Accommodation (Return)
  • US Domestic Flights: Not included, but can be added upon request

Booking Code: ST-PNG28

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Permitted US Departure Dates: Select Dates January 3 – June 28, July 24 – September 17 & November 1 – December 5, 2020


Trip Details

Tribesman of Mt. Hagen

Tribesman of Mt. Hagen

Dense in untouched tropical rainforests, hundreds of vibrant cultures and pristine, sun-laden coasts, Papua New Guinea is an adventure a whole world away.

But just when you thought Papua New Guinea was completely cut off from civilization, the road less traveled opens before you. 

Travel to far-off highlands and coasts, brimming with hidden cultural treasures and natural beauty. Visit local villages dotting rainforest mountains and nestled in white sand beaches, home to strong, sustainable people who welcome you into their traditional way of life.

A travel destination distant in location and logistics, we make it possible with a carefully curated package including handpicked resorts, flights and experiences. Your journey into Papua New Guinea begins here – let the adventure come to you!

Set out on the journey of a lifetime with this Highlands and Coasts Papua New Guinea travel package!

Begin your vacation with an international flight to Port Moresby via Brisbane. Then you will take a short domestic flight to your first destination – Mount Hagen, in the remote Western Highlands.

Mount Hagen

Huli people of Mt Hagen credit Chris McLennan

Huli People of Mt. Hagen. Image: Chris McLennan

Covered in dense rainforest, waterfall-fed coves and green-clad mountains, the Western Highlands is home to some of the remotest tribes and cultures of Papua New Guinea. Mount Hagen is the capital of this province, only discovered by Australian gold prospectors in the 1930’s. Today Mount Hagen is the third largest city in Papua New Guinea, flourishing with local coffee, tea and mining industries and traditional cultural festivals unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Spend 3 nights in a specialty highlands lodge, set high above Wahgi Valley with incredible views of Mount Hagen below. With only 12 guestrooms, the care and attention to detail at this lodge will make it a memorable stay.

Your adventure in Mount Hagen will take you to meet the unique cultures of the highlands, all included in your stay:

  • Join a guided tour on an encounter with the Melpa people, a people with a strong culture, who in the face of modernity, still live largely traditional subsistence lifestyles.
  • Visit a local Huli Village to meet one of the most vibrant and colorful cultures in Papua New Guinea. Admire their traditional dress, employing art, body decoration, face painting and human hair decorated with feathers, flowers and moss.
  • Enjoy the stunning array of bird, orchid and plant life on guided nature tours in the vicinity of the lodge grounds.

Port Moresby

After your stay in Mount Hagen, you’ll head back to Port Moresby for 1 night at 5-star luxury resort. With world-class restaurants, amenities, direct access to Vision City Mall and unbeatable views over Port Moresby, this is the perfect break in between your Papua New Guinea travels.


Continue your adventures the next day with a flight to Tufi, located on the Cape Nelson peninsula of Oro Province. Set in the heart of a drowned river valley, Tufi is surrounded in fiords, rainforest

Tufi fiord

Fiord in Tufi

mountains, uncharted reefs and remote villages. Enjoy 4 nights in a deluxe bungalow accommodation nestled atop a stunning fiord. Perched on a cliff overlooking Tufi Harbour, the tropical fiords below brim with more fish than water, offering clear and calm waters perfect for snorkeling. Prepare to set out on unique journeys throughout your stay:

  • Explore the surrounding mangroves and rainforest on a guided birding tour. Over 120 bird species have been identified in this area, and your local guide will take you to the best spots to see them.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for gorgeous tropical butterflies, flora and fauna as you traverse the rainforest.
  • Visit the small village of Kofure, located a short distance from the resort by outrigger canoe. Meet local villagers, welcoming you in their traditional dress – reserved for special occasions.
  • Learn about their sustainable way of life, truly a whole world away from Westernized civilization.

You will have a free day to explore and relax in Tufi, a tropical oasis ripe for adventure. For an additional cost, your resort offers tours to other local villages, bird watching, scuba diving and fishing charters. Free activities include snorkeling, canoes, kayaks and standup paddle boarding on the house reef. No matter how you choose to spend your free time in Tufi, your time in this unique part of the world will be filled with authentic culture, untouched natural beauty and inspiring insights into the people who make the coastal rainforest their home.

After your stay in Tufi you will return to Port Moresby for your final night in Papua New Guinea. Rest in the same 5-star resort before your flight back home the following night. The moment you arrive back home, everyone will want to hear about your travels into the far-off coasts and highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Your travel planning begins and ends here. With all hotels, tours and flights included, you won’t have to worry about arranging a single thing. We do all the work for you so all you need to do is live out the travels you thought would only be a dream.

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