Cultural Immersion Papua New Guinea Travel Deal

10 Days PNG East Sepik & Highlands: Rondon Ridge & Karawari Lodge All-Inclusive with International Flights  

Highlights & Inclusions:

  • 10 Days/ 8 Nights, Papua New Guinea
  • Accommodation: Rondon Ridge (1 Night), Karawari Lodge (3), Rondon Ridge (3), Brisbane (1)
  • Meals: 7 Breakfasts, 7 Lunches & 7 Dinners
  • Safely Guided Day Tours:
    • Karawari: Kundiman Village Visit & 2 Full Days of Cultural Touring along the Karawari River.
    • Mt Hagen: 1/2 Day Birding and Nature Tour, 1 Full Day Melpa Cultural Touring & 1 Full Day Huli Culture Touring in Mt. Hagen.
  • Papua New Guinea Domestic Flights: Port Moresby to Mount Hagen (Return)
  • Papua New Guinea Charter Flights: Mount Hagen to Karawari (Return)
  • International Flights: Los Angeles to Brisbane (Return), Brisbane to Port Moresby (Return)
  • US Domestic Flights: are not included, but can be added upon request

Booking Code: ST-PNG27

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Permitted USA Departure Dates: Select Dates January 3 – June 28, July 24 – September 17 & November 1 – December 5, 2020, Departing on a Tuesday Only. 


Trip Details

Explore the most remote and unspoiled destinations along the Karawari River and become immersed in the true heart of Papua New Guinea, the Highlands where a huge variety of renowned tribes call home.

And now it’s easier than ever before to venture into Papua New Guinea, the world’s true last frontier.

We’ve crafted a travel package featuring exceptional resorts, experiences and encounters for an unforgettable journey into Papua New Guinea. With everything planned and arranged for you, let your spirit of adventure take over and take you to this incredible part of the world.

Experience a truly one-of-a-kind trip with this Cultural Immersion Papua New Guinea travel deal!

Arrive into Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, where you will be met by friendly staff and transferred to your onward domestic flight to Rondon Ridge.

Relax at Rondon Ridge for your first night in Papua New Guinea. In the morning, you will fly by charter aircraft to Karawari airstrip over some of the most rugged and impressive landscapes in the world. From the Karawari airstrip, you will be transferred to the Karawari Lodge by river boat, and four wheel drive.

Sepik Adventure at the Karawari Lodge

Standing majestically on a lone ridge, 300 meters above the banks of the Karawari River and overlooking an endless expanse of dense tropical lowland rain forest is Karawari Lodge. One of the most remote and unspoilt destinations in Papua New Guinea – the lodge’s private airstrip and the Karawari River being the only way in or out. Stilted villages line the edges of flooded waterways and dug out canoes are the primary mode of transport.

There are no roads and no shops. Sepik’s live completely off the land and river, weaving baskets for catching fish; gathering, preparing and cooking their staple food from the Sago Palm.

You’ll enjoy lunch followed by an afternoon visit to Kudiman village for a sago making demonstration. Sago is the stable food for the river people.

Sepik People

You’ll spend the next two days touring the jungle-fringed waterways where boatmen, standing upright, paddle their slender dugout canoes adorned with sculpted silhouettes of crocodile masks. Village life including carved totems, drums, woodcarvings and different expressions of art are also experienced. See bountiful bird life along the rivers and nearby lakes. These tours will enhance your understanding of traditional village culture in the Sepik region.

Sepik’s express their culture and beliefs through their art, inspiring the carving of incredible masks, drums, baskets and sculptures that integrate with their daily life and animist beliefs. Village tours allow you to observe master carvers at work and purchase from a selection of finely hand-crafted artifacts.

Karawari LodgeThis tropical lowland rainforest is one of earth’s most complex of habitats, housing an immense variety of flora and fauna – a staggering 229 different bird species have been recorded at Karawari. Optional early morning/late afternoon birding is available at no extra charge for opportunities to spot elusive 12-Wire Birds of Paradise, cockatoos, parrots, hornbills, cormorants and other water birds.

Enjoy all inclusive accommodation. Guests are accommodated in ten separate cottages, each built out of local bush materials and inspired by traditional architecture. Each cottage has two private twin rooms, each with modern en-suite bathrooms, and a communal veranda. Despite its remoteness, the lodge has 220V electricity, hot & cold water, comfortable mosquito-netted beds, ceiling fans, and a breezy veranda – all make for a welcome sanctuary after a day’s exploration. 

The dining and lounge areas, ‘Puk Puk’ Bar and a vast collection of Sepik artifacts are housed in Karawari’s main lodge building, designed and built in the form of a traditional ‘haus tambaran’ or spirit house. The awe inspiring view at dusk has to be experienced to be believed and while contemplating the vast expanse of jungle as the setting sun colors the clouds, one could almost believe
that the world was born yesterday.

Highlands Experience at Rondon Ridge.

In the morning after breakfast you will be transferred to Karawari airstrip for your charter flight from Karawari to Mount Hagen. Upon arrival in Mount Hagen you transfer to Rondon Ridge. Mount Hagen town is in the upper Wahgi Valley – a valley with some of the oldest evidence of agriculture in the world. Perched high on Mount Kuta is Rondon Ridge, with unbelievable views of the Wahgi Valley.

Guests are accommodated in twenty-four tastefully appointed rooms with modern en-suite bathrooms andwarmed king beds for those fresh highlands nights, . Rondon Ridge has 24-hour, eco-friendly electricity, provided by its own hydroelectric power plant that generates clean, natural energy from a nearby mountain stream.

This afternoon, you’ll enjoy a half day birding and nature tour. The surrounding area is pristine rainforest and home to numerous orchid species. The lodge has hours of walking trails providing ample opportunity to explore the unique ecology of this area. Over 180 species of birds have been recorded in the rainforest around Rondon Ridge including ten species of Bird of Paradise. All nature and birding walks are accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable nature guides.

The following day, a comprehensive touring program takes you on a journey through the traditions and customs of the Melpa People. First contact with the Melpa was made in the mid-1930’s. The Melpa people are “true farmers” that still maintain traditional farming methods that can be traced back 9,000 years.  They are said by anthropologists to be ‘predisposed to capitalism’ because of their complex traditional society in which ‘big men’ earn status by accruing wealth and then giving it all away in a ceremonial exchange called ‘Moka’.  In addition, you may have the opportunity to visit the fascinating Pogla Mudmen, famed for their unique bilas and the ancient story that surrounds it. 

Another full day cultural touring including a visit to the Huli people in Mount. Hagen. . These Highland people employ as their art, body decoration, face painting and human hair decorated with feathers, flowers and moss. The Huli culture is the most vibrant, intact and colorful to be experienced anywhere. The Huli clan call the Hela Province and Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea home. They regard themselves as one people descendant from a male ancestor called Huli. He is said to be the first man who gardened on Huli territory. The Hela Province is the home of the renowned Huli Wigmen.

History books and pictures can do no justice to seeing these extraordinary sites and cultures for yourself.

After your insightful adventure in the cultural delights of the Highlands, you’ll fly back to Port Moresby to catch a plane to Brisbane.

For your international flight back to the States, you will overnight in a 4.5 Star hotel in the heart of Brisbane. Rest and reflect on your travels, filled with cultural experiences and unique sights unlike anywhere else in the world. The minute you step foot back home, everyone will want to hear about your travels into the far-off cultures of Papua New Guinea. 

Your travel planning begins and ends here. With all hotels, tours, flights and most meals included, you won’t have to worry about arranging a single thing. We do all the work for you so all you need to do is live out the trip of your dreams.


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