Tumbuna Show: Small Sing Sing Festival, Big Cultural Experience

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Tribes in colorful traditional dress

Papua New Guinea’s biggest tourist attractions are its colorful ‘sing sing’ festivals that happen throughout the year. The Goroka Show, started in the 1950s, attracts hundreds of visitors each year to come experience the brightly colored union of over one hundred tribes in Papua New Guinea.

This Goroka Show is definitely a must-see, but it can overshadow some of the more intimate festivals in Papua New Guinea, including one of our favorites – the Tumbuna Show.

The Tumbuna Show has over 300 tribesmen and women from 15 local tribes that come together in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Similar to the Goroka Show, tribes from the highlands and the coast gather every year at Kum mountain for the Tumbuna Show. They join together for tribal dance and song in bila, their vibrant, traditional dress.

Even though the Tumbuna Show is smaller than some of the other festivals in Papua New Guinea, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your bucket list. In fact, it has an intimacy that is inviting to all!

Traditional Dress at the Tumbuna Show

[Image Credit: Trans Nuigini Tours]

Tumbuna is the local language word for “ancestor”.

This word is the heart and spirit of the festival. Guests can see the tribes dress up in their bilas before the dancing portion of the show begins.

Around lunch time, an underground oven called a “mumu” is fired up and guests are invited to enjoy the meal with the residents of these ancient cultures.

Tumbuna Sing Sing

[Image Credit: Trans Nuigini Tours]

Guests are invited to join in with tribal performers!

The intimacy and friendly nature of the Tumbuna Show is felt throughout the whole ceremony. Visitors are free to explore the village in the Paiyagona Valley to get a true authentic experience of village life in Papua New Guinea. And many guests join in the festivities, dancing and singing with the local tribes.

Experiencing Papua New Guinea up close and personal is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You’ll truly feel welcomed and at home in the highlands of Papua New Guinea as you discover the power and reverence these tribes have for their “tumbuna.”

Get your ticket for the Tumbuna Show before it’s fully booked!

Papua New Guinea’s famous festivals are unlike any other celebration on Earth. We create one-of-a-kind travel packages that take you right to the heart of these festivals on fully guided tours. Ready to start planning the trip of a lifetime?

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Birds of Paradise: The Best Birding in the World

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Birding in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is still regarded as one of the most untouched locations in the world and the wildlife is brimming on and around country. While PNG is a popular destination for those who want to come and see the festivals of local tribes, like the Tumbuna Show, it is also on a bucket list of most bird watchers.

Home to almost 800 species of birds, including the variations of birds of paradise (which can only be found on PNG), the island offers a unique and exquisite experience for twitches all over the world.

Vibrant Birds of Paradise

While we can’t list all known bird species in Papua New Guinea, there are some that stand out! From the colorful mating dances to the unique feathers that make birds found on the island so famous, lets introduce you to just a few of the birds awaiting you in PNG. Larger birds like the Cassowary and the Papuan Hornbill are colorful and a must-see. Both birds can be found in and around Australasia but are sure to be spotted in Papua New Guinea!

Blyths Hornbill

Photo Credit: Trans Nuigini Tours


Photo Credit: Trans Nuigini Tours

Blyth’s Hornbill (Papuan Hornbill)
Finding it’s home in Papua New Guinea and other Australasia locations, the Papuan Hornbill is a large bird that lives in the forest canopies. The color of the Hornbill can vary depending on the surroundings but it is a magnificent bird to view. The sounds of the bird’s flight is often described as a steam train.

These birds look like they belong in a Jurassic Park movie but these majestic creatures still roam the earth on the island of Papua New Guinea. The casques on their heads are actually soft and sponge-like, making them look prehistoric. They’re also very fast for a bird of this size and can run around 30 mph!

The birds of paradise, native to Papua New Guinea, are what attract most twitchers. Their vibrant color, unique feathering and memorable mating calls are a sight to see.

Superb Bird of Paradise

Photo credit: Natasha Baucas from Flickr

ribbon tailed astrapia

Photo credit: Francesco Veronesi from Flickr

Superb Bird of Paradise (Male)
The male Superb Bird of Paradise has an iridescent sheen to it’s feathers, with a blueish shield as shown in the image above. The male is a bit of a surprise when it comes to its full spectacular color. With a dark body, the mating dance transforms this bird into something you have to see to believe! (Watch the video below to see the awesome transformation.)
 Ribbon Tailed Astrapia

Sometimes referred to as Shaw Mayer’s Astrapia, this gorgeous bird is a member of the birds of paradise found on Papua New Guinea. Named aptly after the two ribbon-like feathers that extend from its tail, these feathers can be over three times the length of it’s body! Unfortunately, this makes the feathers a desired commodity and this bird is on the “threatened list” due to hunting.

 Spectacular Mating Dances

The males of the the birds of paradise are usually the most vibrant of the pair. The fantastic examples of the mating calls these birds perform are about more than just their colorful plumes. The King Bird of Paradise (pictured below) looks like he’s busting a move to his favorite song but the flashier the show, the more likely he’ll attract a mate.

King Bird of Paradise Bernard DUPONT

Photo Credit: Bernard DUPONT from Flickr

The King Bird of Paradise is just one of many of these gorgeous birds that put on a performance to attract a mate. Some even go as far to clean and tidy up the area before beginning the mating call. Check out this video below of some of the unique mating calls for birds of paradise.

The Best Bird Watching Locations

Papua New Guinea i rich with dense expansive rain forests that remain remote and untouched by mankind. This type of landscape provides a vast number of places to see spectacular native bird life. For those visiting PNG, there are a number of locations that accommodate twitchers and provide a comfortable and authentic experience.

Kumul Lodge

Made out of native materials and owned & managed by locals, Kumul Lodge is an authentic experience that also supports the local economy. Their purpose is to preserve the forest that is home to some of the most exotic birds in the world. A visit to the lodge may see a number of birds, including some of the spectacular birds of paradise. The Empire Bird of Paradise is one of the most eye catching birds on Papua New Guinea.

Varirata National Park

This National Park can be found near Port Moresby and is another hot spot for birding. You can go with a group or hire a bird watching guide to help you locate the many birds of paradise that can be found in this part of the country. Some of the notable birds that can be seen include Brown-headed Paradise Kingfisher, Dwarf Cassowary,  & Wallace’s Fairy Wren.

Ambua Lodge

The Ambua Lodge is in the Hela Province and home to the Huli Wigmen. It is full of colorful culture, not only with the local people but also the local birds of paradise. The number of birds you can see here are endless with touring options available to visitors. Some of the notable birds you may see are the Crested Hawk, Plum Faced Lorikeet, Fan-tailed Cuckoo and the Crested Bird of Paradise.

Papua New Guinea is one of the best places to see the most unique bird life in the world. Planning a bird watching tour can be as unique as you’d like, because every bird watcher has different species to tick off their list. Let us know which species and birds you’d love to see and let us plan a trip you’ll never forget. Cross Papua New Guinea off your bucket list! Call us Toll Free 888-359-2877 (Mon-Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm Central US) or Request a Custom Quote!

Where is Papua New Guinea?

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So, Where is Papua New Guinea?

When you are planning an international vacation, it is vital to get everything mapped out months in advance. 

Papua New Guinea, commonly known as “PNG,” is nestled just south of the equator and is 100 miles (160km) north of Australia. It is it’s own independent country and not part of Australia.

How Big is Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea is roughly the size of California. If you’re traveling from the United States, it is directly across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles.

How to Travel to Papua New Guinea

Unfortunately, there are not direct flights from LA to PNG; however, there are connecting flights via Australia and various other countries. Here is a list of all travel times, destinations, and airlines that provide Papua New Guinea travel. 

Jackson International Airport, located in Port Moresby – the capital of Papua New Guinea – is the main entrance for both air and boat traffic, and serves as a stopping point for connecting flights to other major provinces.

For all other Papua New Guinea questions, please contact us for a free consultation. Our Papua New Guinea travel specialists have firsthand knowledge about this unique destination, and we can plan a customized trip to Papua New Guinea tailored to your specific interests.  

Top 10 things to do in Papua New Guinea

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Top 10 things to do in Papua New Guinea

Thinking of traveling to Papua New Guinea? As one of the world’s most unique destinations, Papua New Guinea is the ultimate journey for culture, natural beauty and untouched wilderness.

There’s very few parts of the world as remote as this. Once you visit Papua New Guinea, the experience will change you forever. Here’s our list of top 10 things to do during your vacation to Papua New Guinea (PNG)… 

  1. Attend a Festival 
    Mt Hagen Cultural Festival Papua New Guinea

    Mt Hagen Cultural Festival Papua New Guinea. Photo: David Kirkland

    One of the top reasons to visit Papua New Guinea is to experience the thrill of seeing one of PNG’s many cultural festivals, or sing-sings. Many sing-sings are annual events with tribal groups traveling from all over Papua New Guinea that travel far to take part in the remarkable gathering of sights, sounds, color, beauty and culture. Some of the top festivals include the Goroka, Mt. Hagen & Hiri Moale festivals.

  2. Scuba Dive

    Papua New Guinea Diving
    Papua New Guinea is also home to some of the world’s most amazing diving. Divers can enjoy beautiful barrier reefs, coral walls, fringing reefs and World War II wreck sites. With average water temperatures of 78 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit and great visibility year round you’ll be sure to enjoy the breathtaking biodiversity Papua New Guinea’s waters have to offer.
  3. Stay in a Village

    Village stays are one of the most unique ways to experience Papua New Guinea, but not for the fainthearted traveler. With over 800 distinct languages spoken, and a land filled with a mixture of traditional and modern living you’ll be sure to get a once in a lifetime experience.  Immerse yourself into one of the many villages within Papua New Guinea and learn about men vs. women’s responsibilities, traditional customs and beliefs, and various rituals that happen throughout daily life.
  4. Expedition Cruising


    Boat cruising in Papua New Guinea can be one of the most relaxing ways to experience the beauty and culture of PNG. For cruise enthusiasts you’ll enjoy a slow-paced and informal setting as you cruise along one of PNG’s tributaries or relax in a “floating lodge.” Expedition cruises take you through the Sepik region or the island provinces that are saturated in mystery and mystique. 

  5. Go Hiking/Trekking 
    Papua New Guinea Hike

    Papua New Guinea Hike

    For those travelers looking for an action packed holiday, a hiking or trekking adventure would be a great choice. Papua New Guinea is a popular destination for those interested in mountain climbing and bushwalking. You’ll see beautiful towering peaks, national parks, hidden villages, World War II relic sites and much more. Those interested in hiking in PNG should be sure to be in good physical condition as many of the treks can be physically and mentally challenging, but in the end very rewarding.

  6. Birding


    For any bird watching aficionado Papua New Guinea is a birder’s paradise. You’ll have endless opportunity to see thriving bird populations, as well as endemic and exotic species of all kinds. One of the main highlights for those traveling to PNG, are the many species of the famous Birds of Paradise. These are found only in Papua New Guinea, and are truly a magnificent site to see.

  7. Art Collecting 
    Papua New Guinea Art credit David Kirkland

    Photo: David Kirkland

    Papua New Guinea is home to some of the most mysterious and beautiful artwork in the world. On an art collecting adventure you’ll not only be able to bring amazing pieces of artwork home for your personal collection, but you can see some of the artwork PNG is known for such as their Spirit Houses decorated with carved ancestral figures, shell jewelry, woven fiber masks and so much more. Come back home with a piece of artwork found only in Papua New Guinea.

  8. Kayaking 
    Canoe Tribal credit David Kirkland

    Photo: David Kirkland

    The islands & Fiordland regions of Papua New Guinea will take your breath away, and there’s no better way to experience these exceptional locations than by kayak. Encounter schools of playful dolphins, sea turtles and villages slipped away in idyllic settings. The best time of year to enjoy a kayaking adventure is from April to November when the seas are typically calmer. Colorful and bio diverse coral reefs, striking coastlines and untouched tropical waters are waiting for you to come enjoy.

  9. Go Surfing 
    Kids swimming credit David Kirkland

    Photo: David Kirkland

    Papua New Guinea has unlimited surf potential from October to April, and thousands of miles of coastline waiting to be explored by surfing enthusiasts. Enjoy the warm waters, consistent waves, and pristine coastlines on your next surfing adventure.

  10. Fishing

    Papua New Guinea offers remarkable fresh and salt-water fishing, and enjoys isolated fishing grounds teeming with life. Try your hand at fishing for Barramundi, or maybe you’ll like being challenged by the Sailfish, Yellow fin tuna or Marlin that inhabit the waters around Papua New Guinea.

Article Written by Ashley Donaldson
Papua New Guinea Travel Specialist

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